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Cancellation Policy

January 10, 2020 by sharecube

Last Updated: January 10th, 2020

This Cancellation and Refund Policy (“Cancellation Policy”) is incorporated into the Sharecube Terms of Use applicable to use of the Services and the Platform. Please read this policy carefully. You may not use the Services if you do not agree to this Cancellation Policy.

Sharecube is designed to help Hosts and Guests efficiently and conveniently complete Bookings. Every Booking is a Host’s commitment to make a Space available to a Guest. When Guests cancel Bookings, the Host’s ability to Book that Space during that time becomes increasingly difficult because other interested Guests may have already made other plans. When Hosts cancel Bookings, Guests’ events and plans can be severely impacted and may require intensive logistical support from Sharecube. Nonetheless, plans may change, requiring Guests or Hosts to cancel Bookings on occasion.

This Sharecube Cancellation Policy covers all cancellations and refunds on the Platform. Both Guests and Hosts are subject to and must comply with this Cancellation Policy when cancelling a Booking.

We reserve the right to amend this Cancellation Policy for any reason and at any time by posting an updated version to our website as provided in the Sharecube Terms of Use. In the event of conflict between this Cancellation policy and the Sharecube Terms of Use, the Sharecube Terms of Use controls. Sharecube shall have final say in any dispute between Hosts and Guests regarding the application of cancellation policies.


We understand that every space is different and that a single cancellation policy does not fit all Booking circumstances. That’s why we provide a spectrum of options so that Hosts can choose the policy that works best for their space and business. Hosts must choose one of the following cancellation policies.

VERY FLEXIBLE: Guests may cancel their Booking up until 24 hours before the rental start date and will receive a full refund of their Booking Fee (except for Sharecube service fees which are non-refundable). Booking cancellations submitted less than 24 hours before the rental start date are not refundable. 

FLEXIBLE: Guests may cancel their Booking up until 7 days before the rental start date and will receive a full refund of their Booking Fee (except for Sharecube service fees which are non-refundable). Booking cancellations submitted less than 7 days before the rental start date are not refundable.

STANDARD 30 DAY: Guests may cancel their Booking up until 30 days before the rental start date and will receive a full refund of their Booking Fee (except for Sharecube service fees which are non-refundable). Cancellations submitted less than 30 days before the rental start date are not refundable. 

STRICT: Guests may cancel their Booking up until 60 days before the rental start date and will receive a full refund of their Booking Fee (except for Sharecube service fees which are non-refundable). Cancellations submitted less than 60 days before the rental start date are not refundable. 

Additional Terms

Cancellation Confirmation

A Booking is only officially cancelled once the Guest has received confirmation of the cancellation from Sharecube. See How to Cancel a Booking section below for more information.

Host Payouts

Host payouts will vary depending on the specific cancellation policy chosen by the Host and other circumstances. If Sharecube, in its sole discretion based on the applicable cancellation policy, determines a Guest is entitled to a refund, the Host payout will be calculated by deducting from the subtotal price of the Booking (which includes the Booking Price and any Host Add-ons Fees) any Sharecube Service Fees and then reducing that amount by the percentage specified in the applicable cancellation policy. Payouts are typically made within 3 to 7 days after the cancellation is confirmed.


Sharecube will refund any taxes we collect that are related to amounts refunded to guests. Any taxes due on the non-refundable portion of cancelled Booking will be submitted to the appropriate tax authority.

Cleaning Fees

Cleaning Fees are fully refunded to Guests if cancellation of the Booking is confirmed before use of the Space.

Host Add-Ons

Host Add-Ons are subject to the same cancellation policy as the Space. 

Calculating Cancellation Deadlines

All cancellation periods are calculated based upon local time for the Space.

Cancellations by Hosts 

Any Host initiated cancellations will be fully refunded to the Guest. The Host cancelling the Booking will be responsible for losses incurred by Sharecube or the Guest associated with any cancellation, and all scheduled payouts for that Booking will be cancelled. In addition, Sharecube may issue Fines to Hosts for cancellations. Sharecube may deduct or debit any Fines from amounts that would otherwise be payable, or (ii) invoice such Fines to be paid within seven (7) days.

Fines for Host-Initiated Cancellations

A Host may be responsible for costs, expenses, and other losses, and be subject to Fines, if they make unexcused cancellations. A Host may be subject to the following as a result of an unexcused Host Initiated Cancellation:

  • Displacement costs for Guests;
  • A Fine of the greater of €150 or 15% of the total price of the Booking.
  • Delisting of the Host’s Space if the Hosts cancels multiple Bookings within a six-month period;
  • Modifying the listing page description to include publicly available information about previous cancellations, or suspension or termination of your Account.

Sharecube may, but is not obligated to, waive costs, expenses and Fines for Host-initiated cancellations under the following circumstances:

  • Sharecube determines that a Booking was accidentally accepted by a Host, so long as the Host cancelled within 2 hours of confirmation;
  • A Guest provides false or misleading information in a Booking request that materially affects the Booking or Event;
  • A Guest uses, or intends to use, a Space in a manner inconsistent or incompatible with the Space Description, the Booking Agreement, or other limitations agreed upon between the Guest and Host;
  • Inappropriate or illegal activity taking place during an Event;
  • A Host and Guest mutually deciding to cancel the Booking in accordance with this Cancellation Policy; or
  • Any excused cancellations.

Excused Cancellations

Sharecube may allow a Host or Guest to cancel a confirmed Booking due to extenuating circumstances and with short notice (an “Excused Cancellation”). Sharecube may require Guests or Hosts to provide evidence to support the Excused Cancellation. Where approved, Fees will be refunded in full to the Guest and no payout will be sent to the Host without Cancellation Fees or Fines. The following circumstances may be considered grounds for an Excused Cancellation:

  • Unexpected death or serious illness of a Host, Guest, or immediate family member of either;
  • Serious injury that directly restricts a Guest’s ability to travel or a Host’s ability to provide the Booked Space;
  • Significant natural disasters or severe weather incidents triggering a state of emergency that directly impact use of a Space or the Guest’s ability to travel to the Space;
  • Urgent travel restrictions or severe security advisories issued after the time of Booking, by an appropriate government office or agency;
  • Severe property damage or unforeseen maintenance issues that directly impact the safe use of the Space; or
  • Legal, municipality, or utility injunction or order that directly restricts use of or access to a Space.

Sharecube-Initiated Cancellations

Sharecube may decide, in its sole discretion, that it is necessary or appropriate to cancel a confirmed Booking. Sharecube may cancel a Booking at any time prior to the Event start time and issue a full or partial refund to a Guest. When Sharecube initiates a cancellation, any refunds or payouts will vary depending on the circumstances that prompted the cancellation. Neither Sharecube nor any of the other parties to the cancelled Booking shall have any liability or obligation for any such Sharecube-initiated cancellations. The following are circumstances in which Sharecube my initiate a cancellation:

  • An Excused Cancellation;
  • The removal of a Host or Space from the Platform prior to the Start Time;
  • Any actual or potential illegal or unauthorised activity;
  • Risk of harm or safety concerns;
  • Failure to provide proof of insurance, including event or film production insurance, if requested by Sharecube;
  • Any other reason.

How to Cancel a Booking

To cancel a Booking, submit a request to cancel using the “Cancel Booking” designations on the Platform. Cancellation requests cannot be submitted through messages, phone calls, chats, or emails to Sharecube. If you are unable to locate the Cancel Booking designations on the Platform, please contact our Customer Support Team. For calculating refunds, submitted cancellation will be confirmed upon proper submission of a cancellation request to Sharecube. After submission, Sharecube may allow or require up to 48 hours to finalise the cancellation.

Rescheduled Bookings

When approved by Sharecube, a Guest or Host may have an opportunity to reschedule a Booking. Any rescheduled Bookings must be:

  • For substantially the same duration as the original Booking, according to the Host’s approval;
  • Confirmed prior to the original Start Time;
  • Rescheduled for a time within 90 days of the original Start Time; and
  • Only rescheduled once.

Rescheduled Bookings are non-refundable once confirmed. Any successive rescheduling attempts or failure to successfully reschedule a Booking within the conditions above will result in a cancellation of the Booking, subject to the Cancellation Fees or Fines identified in this Policy, depending on the initiating party. Rescheduling by Guests may result in additional Sharecube Service Fees.